Jonah Glunt

Graduate Research Assistant
National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate (NDSEG) Fellow
 jjg57 (at) psu (dot) edu

Research Interests: Control Systems, Vehicle Path Planning, Model Predictive Control


  • B.S. Mechanical Engineering – The Pennsylvania State University (May 2022)


Path planning, control, and estimation for autonomous vehicles


    1. J. Glunt, J. Siefert, A. Thompson, and H. Pangborn, “Error Bounds for Compositions of Piecewise Affine Approximations,” 2024. [arXiv]
    2. J.A. Siefert, T.J. Bird, A.F. Thompson, J.J. Glunt, J.P. Koeln, N. Jain, and H.C. Pangborn, “Reachability Analysis Using Hybrid Zonotopes and Functional Decomposition," 2024. [arXiv]
    3. Glunt, J.J., Siefert, J.A., Pangborn, H.C., and Brennan, S.B., "Challenges in Integrating Low-level Path Following and High-level Path Planning Over Polytopic Maps", Modeling, Estimation and Control Conference, 2023.
    4. J.A. Siefert, A.F. Thompson, J.J. Glunt, and H.C Pangborn, “Set-valued State Estimation Using Hybrid Zonotopes,"  IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, 2023.

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